merry christmas to all.


merry christmas, my dear friends.

It has been a very busy week, as I am sure it has been for you.
With the school semester over, it has been a catch up week for me.
As well as a week of last minute shopping, (still missing a gift for my nephew), gift making, a busy kitchen, and holiday jaunts with the family.

The week brought with it two snow storms to which my girls could not be any more delighted. The neighborhood has been a buzz with activity as group driveway and side walk shoveling crews have gone from house to house sharing a very beautiful Christmas spirit. The nearby golf course has found it’s share of kiddos sledding and making merry on the deeply covered greens. This winter wonderland has only added to the festive spirit that already pervades our Mayberry street.

As there is with anything that involves people there have been moments of stress creep up and ruin the yuletide. Strained family relationships. Cold weather attitudes. Plans gone awry. But what is true joy and delight if life is always easily handled, and the character is not challenged to be all that it could be?
o.k...who am I kidding...I hate the stress...but seriously, I don't let anything go to waste, so I make that work for me in the end too.

 isn’t there always joy found...somewhere?
The joy found in children rushing in from intense play among the snow moguls. Breathless and ruddy.
Joy found in babies delighted by the lights and sounds of the most wonderful time of the year. Delightful.
Joy found in safely returning home after a somewhat treacherous commute from the big city event. Thankful.
Joy found in outside trees laden with snow and lit with lights. Beautiful.
Joy found in a gorgeous rendition of Carole of the Bells by the city’s chorale. Moving.
Joy found in children falling heavy into bed after a full day of being merry and bright. Contentment.
Joy found in bright sunshine reflecting off glittery snow against a drape of blue sky. Aw-inspiring.
Joy found at the heart of it all, a small babe, a frightened mother, and wondering father, a majestic event.

Joy very often finds its way with me and the work of my hands. Indebted.
(inspired so much this year by Spark Your Christmas.)...

thank you for visiting this Christmas eve Eve day...


  1. Beautiful post! Merry Christmas sweet friend!

  2. Gorgeous post Jamie!
    Merry Xmas to you my Friend!!


  3. I love the vases. I took Spark your Christmas too and it totally changed my holiday decorating but I didn't make the vases in the last picture. I love yours. The little balls, the shredded flowers…divine. Thanks for sharing your work.

  4. God came near! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  5. Such lovely photos! You have decorated your home so beautifully for the holidays. Love your packages. Almost.........almost......too pretty to open. ;)
    And how wonderful to be enjoying a white Christmas. I know that is a gift in itself for the kiddos.
    Merry Christmas, Jamie!

  6. such beautiful images Jamie....