the spark continues


as inspired by margie's spark your christmas...which is still available...

this little tree scape is sitting on my dining room table. is this and that found around my house/studio/christmas boxes.
for me, that has been the most fun of all.
and seriously inspired by margie. oh how she rocks the beauty and spark of christmas!!!

the trees are sitting on a cardboard circle that i cut from a cereal box.
seriously...i never throw cereal or graham cracker boxes away (think costco size, folks...we got 5 kids here afterall.)
the styrofoam christmas cones are upcycled...will tell that little story in a second.
i took a scrap of a strip of burlap and a strip of silver tissue paper and then sewed them together. that was then hot glued to the circle base in a ruffle. love how that turned out.
then the christmas trees found a home inside:
these trees are covered with rhonna's christmas junque background paper, and the other with more scrap burlap.
the burlap tree has a bit of a junque bow, felt snowflake, a little bling, and then a banner from rhonna's christmas junque tags n flags .
the papered tree has a doily, scrap of a die cut label, paper shreds, dyed seam binding, and a die cut glitter star.
the rest of the table scape includes spray painted pine cones, small silver and glittered ornaments, and a bit of floral beads. i love when the simple things found here and there come together and make something beautiful.
well...i think it's beautiful anyway.

so here is my funny little story.
do you see those two trees in this magazine?
the mag is Holiday Cards from 2008.
yep. 2008.
4 years ago. i was debating whether i should upcycle the styrofoam christmas trees for the above table scape, it was those two trees i was holding in my hand.
then it dawned on me...the green patterned paper (tree on the left) was from autumn leaves...and it was a Rhonna Farrer design!
have i not been stalking, worshipping, inspired by that woman for but a very long time?
it made me smile.
and i am thrilled to be a part of her creative team, and continue to paper my styro trees with her designs.


  1. check out my Spark inspired mantle at So much fun and sooo much white.. Love it.

  2. I have those papers from Autumn leaves by Rhonna :) beautiful stuff! Your decoration piece is breathtaking, how amazing!

  3. Adorable sista! Hugs from Conroe, TX

  4. I agree with JIg Jing this is just breathtaking!

  5. Jamie girl, this is so inspiring ... love all the details! mwah!

  6. Wow! Wow! How gorgeous, Jamie! I could not love your beautiful table scape more! And how fabulous that you put together various little bits and bobs from around your home to put this together. This is truly breathtaking to me!