spark your christmas


I have so much I wish to share with you.
But today it will be some simple inspiration.
by way of Spark Your Christmas.

I was gifted this fabulous class by a friend who could tell I needed...well...a little spark.
And she was so right.
The week really caught up with me in a bad way.
Spark Your Christmas re-directed some creative passion...and here is a small result::

As inspired by Margie's chipboard letters...

these letters 'were' covered in green and red patterned paper.
not workin' for me and my decor this year.
Margie covered hers in fabric and yarn...beautiful.
and i covered mine in simply what I could find around here.
patterned tissue paper.
burlap scraps.
book paper.

and then junqued them up just a bit...

scraps of silver netting from a previous gift received.
tulle. i just always have tulle.
coffee died seam binding.
chipboard stars: the stars were die cut from scrap chipboard (read salvaged cereal box).
                          then they were covered in silver wrapping paper.
                          and then they were hot glued to the junque bow.
                          i have pearls and assorted beads from here and there...more hot glue (i see now why margie uses low temp glue...note to self!) and they added to the glam of the project.

so use what you have.
re-junque it up.
have fun...

off to upcycle some styrofoam christmas trees.


  1. This is a lovely set!! beautiful decoration indeed!

  2. Jamie, looks great. Awesome is all I can say about Spark your Christmas! I want to try those too.

  3. Gorgeous! I so love the transformation of these letters. I can picture the red and green papers, but think this look is even more beautiful. Love the different textures and materials. Burlap and tulle are always some of my favorites. Totally in LOVE here!