Collage Wednesday


I am guest posting over at WIP Kits today. You can find this article here, too.

Love me a new year.
New calendar.
New slate.
New ideas.
New word.
New project life.
And new creative outlets. Because in my opinion, if you are not moving forward, you are stagnant. And I love this paper art form so much, that I never want to be stagnant in my craft. Introducing myself to new mediums and formats and ideas, and then acting on them, helps me in actually, every area of my life. So with this in mind, I 'stumbled' upon Donna Downey's Collage Monday's. She posts a new collage every Monday, highlighting the elements she currently loves, and shares a bit of insight into how she was inspired to create her piece.

 It's quite a departure for me to work my art in this fashion, but I am discovering many aspects to forcing myself out of my creative comfort zone:
~causes me to focus
~causes me to play
~causes me to let go
~causes me to push myself to new places
~causes me to be fueled in my 'normal' creative activities
~causes me to just be plain giddy with collage

Here's the basic idea:
~fill a sketch book page with what you love right now
~dig into your supplies and use them up
~stick them down however you feel
~trust yourself and have fun

Here's a don't judge...I'm just playing here...

This collage was inspired by some recent thoughts that keep reoccurring. So I went with those words as the focal point. The rest of the collage uses items found in a recent mixed media kit that I subscribe to. One does not need a mixed media kit. I just 'forced' myself to use the kit pieces, and not stray too far. Plus, I focused on elements that I love right now:
book paper

I started with book pages torn from an old book. Used paint and hand made stamps+letter was great fun.

And here is the first one I completed...

This pieces was about map pattern paper. Tags. Pretty tape. Masking tape. Words. And stuff that was literally just sitting around begging to be added.

I hope today I conveyed to you simply the element of playing and having fun. Using elements you love and want to exercise more. And creating outside of your built in norms.

Thanks for letting me share what is currently inspiring me.
Have a great Wednesday...


  1. super duper post my Friend!
    Love the idea behind it, love the execution of the concept!
    Can't wait to see more ;-)


  2. You inspired me today lady!

    Thanks - m

  3. i love these...i got the mixed media kit too and was wondering what to do with it...i love the just play with it thought process!