the joy dare ~ week.four


a week in photos

was challenged this week to look for the ugly~beauty...
often that can be found in the very middle of my day
for example my work space.
text books.
lessons to be checked.
the ugly is obvious. it’s a mess. work to be contended with.
the beauty...not so obvious.
but here it is.
it is a life fully lived.
it is a life lived for others.
it is a life of learning.
it is a life of honing habits.
it is a life of re-do’s.
it is a life of always having the work of my hands daily in front of me.
it is a life of lacking pretty much...nothing.
it is...

the joy of never being bored
the joy of play
the joy of wonder
the joy of the busy life
the joy that i do have a kitchen...albeit in the messy midst
the joy of comic relief
the joy of afternoon refreshment
the joy of a smirky smile
the joy of being inseperable
the joy of homemade peanut butter
the joy of a new book
the joy of running free

the joy of sweet hands
the joy of a new day
ah! so thankful for this week in review time.
for a chance to be still and reflect by way of photo.
for the time to let the mistakes of the week wash away.
for a review of the gifts that i DID capture...
knowing plenty abundant blessings escaped my lense.

the joy dare::as inspired by the holy experience


  1. Ooh, I can not believe how big your baby is getting!!! Lovely glimpse at your everyday life :)

  2. It's so good to look for the joy in the little everyday moments that make up our life. It's these little things that make the whole picture, so beautifully blogged and photographed!

  3. I really like this project and I've downloaded the app onto my I just need to figure out how the heck to use
    Lovely photos ;}

  4. Great photos! Hi, I've been trying to get the FEb 1 OLW Blog hop list to you but your emails continue to get bounced. Please email me an alternative way to get the list to you. Thanks! Margie

  5. Saw this earlier this week but didn't get a chance to comment. Lovely post! Love seeing your family!! xoxo