kiss me collection~junque containers


first of all, i hope you have been following rhonna's fabulous and amazing 14 valentine ideas.
i truly have to say, she is ahead of her art. her creativity is spinning daily.
and the fact that she shares a wealth of her style with us these past few weeks has been such an inspirational boost to me. we are blessed that she gives so much to her community.

with the help of her kiss me collection, i have had quite the creative time decorating and gifting for valentines day...well...actually any day. i have been gifting weekly, as part of my one little word this year. and any chance to use rhonna's designs is excuse enough for me.

the printables and valentines kit were used to help junque up these containers for gifts.

it was as simple as printing the flags and valentine journal printable.
trimming them.
blinging them.
adding them to the flowers and doilies.

add to that paper flowers. sparkly tulle. corsage pins...
it has just been so easy to spark valentines this year.


  1. awesome containers from your partner in junquing and all things Spark

  2. I love it all! The flowers really make the package. Did you have to buy the containers in bulk? Very pretty.

  3. Those are sooo cute! I am in LOVE!

  4. Jamie, I just tried to email you again and it bounced AGAIN! That time I attached a word doc. Now I will try one last time using a totally new email (no blog links inside) and see if that works. Make sure your email provider didn't automatically put me on a "Block list" or something like that. I suppose as a last resort you could come to my blog the day of and copy and paste the list. You are linking to Monica B