project life | week 52


i have not posted project life very much this past year.
that is because i was not keeping up with it as weekly as i would have liked.
i would catch up quite a bit.
but i want to commit to getting the previous week done by monday.
and then post on tuesday.
in hopes that this will keep me accountable to the project.

i love project life.
i love having a weeks worth of photos, stories, journaling in one place.
i love having a years worth of that little toddling boy showcased on a weekly basis.
i love how it has changed the way i scrap, now a days.
i don't scrap, anyway.
i tell stories.
i document memories.
i remember the joys, and the not-quite-joys of life.
i am my family's curator.

so here is to saying goodbye to 2011...
and a quick look at week 52...

Used RhonnaDESIGNS for journal cards and fill-ins.

I do not usually fixate on an event...but Christmas was so great this year that the weeks photos are almost all Christmas.

Same with New Years Eve. (I still need to add journaling). It was such a fun and celebratory night. Twenty.eleven had so many dark valleys. I found that saying good bye to it and looking forward to the gifts of twenty.twelve deserved it's own revelry. So we just had fun with food. pink champage. party horns. hats. funny glasses. and plenty of decorations. (That's for another post.).

So I hope for you that you will join me in Project Life.
Ali Edwards does a fabulous job showcasing hers.
Of course the queen of PL, Becky Higgins, has plenty of resources to get you started and keep you going.
Alexandra does a fabulous job posting weekly with her pages too. You should take a look.


  1. Happy New Year Sweetie!
    Thanks for the link ;-)
    I'm so excited (and a bit intimidated) to be starting the PL this year!!

    Your pages look FAB!