feelin' lucky


actually...yes i am feelin' lucky this morning.

rhonna's got new designs she posted over the weekend.

lots of st. patty's love that makes me feel as though spring is just right around the corner...
which it's not...
because this is colorado.
and there is not a spring that exists here.
but rather than let my bitterness show...
i shall be celebrating with these new kits and giving my home a lift over the week with some of these creations.

free gift with purchase

i'm thinking subway art.
table top pieces.
wreath embellishments.
and i know my daughter will have her way with cupcakes and flags.
lots of creativity stirring in mind with these lucky kits.

and something i am really excited about...
new additions to the tool kits.
these kits open up the door to some amazing creativity.
adding textures and stamps and seals to photos, layouts, or art work.
or printing an assortment and having them find their way in a project life week {wink}.

these are classic rhonna designs.
begging for me to play.play.play.

olw blog hop will be posted this week. mar.first. to be exact.
please come back and visit and see how olw is impacting so many lives.
it's truly amazing.

WIPkits gallery goes live this week.
sneak peek to follow soon.
so sorry to say the kits are sold out.
fabulous echo park this&that made the march kit so easy to tell the stories i wanted to share this month.

california dreamin'.
that's me.
heading out west.
to warmth.
and some down time with my bestie.
what a way to start a birthday month...oops...did i let that slip?
embracing my birthday.
more on that later.

have a fab day!

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  1. Cannot wait to see what you create with these new beauties, Jamie! And I'm so excited for you that you get to spend some time soon with your bestie. Does sound like a fabulous way to celebrate a birthday. :)