project life ~ week.four


Welcome to Project Life ~ week.four

yes. i know. i have week 2 typed in the weekly journal block. have no idea what i was thinking. sort of indicative of the busy-ness of the week.
yes. i did correct it as you will see.

left side

there have been a couple posts out there with regard to following a theme on the week. i thought trish's thematic approach had great merit and i am sure to employ that idea from time to time as the year progresses.
ali edwards posted today how this weeks photos and journal lent themselves to a theme of 'adventure', and how that sort of happened on accident. that gives me cause to watch for that sort of thread to come to the surface in future weeks.

right side

the base of the weeks journaling blocks come from rhonnaDESIGNS a year to follow your heart printable kit. the 6x8 printable papers are easy to size down or even crop. I used the AirMail pattern throughout the pockets this week.
honesty. i shared a text i sent to my husband monday morning. it is now out there for you all to see that life really happens here in it's realist form. and sometimes i am weak. and i wanted that to be in this weeks journaling by way of learning from these days and how to turn them to be more graceful.

as i have posted before, there is more emphasis this year on telling the story. on the journaling aspect. i am actually contending with what stories to tell, and what not to make room for. i am eager to tell the everyday. the everyday is so important to me right now, cause i feel as though life is on a high speed tread mill, and i am not keeping up very well with the simple gifts all around me. so right now i am happy to tell the simple everyday stories that make us 'us'. like how inseparable oldest daughter and the little mr. are everyday! how he adores her. how she thinks he is the cutest thing ever. the everyday simple gifts that make life beautiful to me right now.

another product i am employing presently are the fact or fiction flappers  by ormolu. (these were recently part of a wipkit) i love the contrast of these rather graphic style embellishments, pitted against the shabby and elegant patterns that rhonnaDESIGNS brings to my pages.

to wrap this up, a few things i need to do:
be thankful i am keeping up with this project.
get more organized with my supplies. it really slowed me up this week. need help with that. love this.
would love any tips on this.

thanks for stopping in.


  1. love your week - especially the realism.

    on organizing - i started january with supplies organized much like the photo that you link. over the month, i've noticed some patterns in what i'm actually using - so i'm going to change things up for february. i'll blog about it this weekend :)

  2. So freakin adorable, Jamie. Love every detail--it's perfect!! XO

  3. i just love your approach to PL. it's something i've been thinking about doing and i like that you've incorporated some of your own style into your pages. :)

  4. Great DP Jamie!
    I too love to see what kind of common thread "happens" each week....


  5. Love it all! Well, except the stabbing your hand part, ha! You are such an awesome life story teller! I'm so jeally of you, need to not be and instead use it as inspiration. I heart your work! hugs sweet friend! Looking forward to see you in April, eeeek! I bought my airline ticket the other night :) Hugs from Conroe, TX

  6. Jamie, I love your PL. Your style is wonderful and the finished pages are really great!

  7. love your neutral color pallet, so lovely!