olw ~ february blog hop


welcome to the february one little word hop.

this blog hop began the first of january, and you can see here where i ended my album for 2011.

this blog hop will showcase everyone's first prompt of the year. 

this blog hop is a great way to keep this community connected and encourage one another with our one little word.

this blog hop helps to keep me engaged to my own personal word by way of ali edwards prompts and journaling cues included in her One Little Word 2012 class.

this year's word is gifts.
love already how it is keeping my eyes open.
how it causes me to pause.

love how ali's prompts cause us to dig a little deeper into our word.
to get to know our word.
to get to understand.
to apply it in the everyday.

love the artistic prompts.
how i get to utilize creative therapy while i think on my word.

hoping you are engaged in your word and reaping the benefits already as we enter the second month of twenty-12.

your next stop on the hop is Monica B            http://questtoperfectimperfection.blogspot.com/

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  1. absolutely love the soft muted colours of your album...has a spiritual kind of quality that works lovely with your word for the year!

  2. A great word and one that I could use on a daily basis!

  3. Love your collage - the colors are great. I'm looking forward to watching your journey through 2012.

  4. I love it... Your style is really awesome... Thanks for visiting me back. That was very nice! I try to find a translater for my blog, great idea:-) Have a great day!

  5. Love your vintage cards and colors! Beautiful job, enjoy your OLW journey!

  6. Love your page, it is beautiful! Your word is wonderful. So nice visiting your blog - thank you for sharing!

  7. Your album is beautiful. Your word is wonderful The portrait is lovely. I love the colors. I love the individual canvases that look like unique works of art. You have a gift.

  8. such lovely pages! i love the small prints and your great handwriting! looking forward to seeing you around in OLW!

  9. Love the soft natural colors you are using. Great word, looking forward to seeing your work again this year.

  10. I adore your color choices and how your work looks serene and vintage and unique all at the same time. Just lovely.

  11. Gorgeous work once again Jamie dear!
    Love your color palette as well <3

  12. awesome take on this month's prompt, jamie! i also love your soft neutrals and the aged paper flower is divine. can't wait to see how your gifts develop over this year. xoxo

  13. Beautifully pages, beautifully staged and photographed, I'm always delighted to see someone has done that. Adds so much to the photos.

  14. Oh, your canvases AND your photo are both gorgeous. I LOVE the collage-y theme you're using. Blessings as you discover "gifts" this year...

  15. I'm glad I'm a little late to the party because then I got to see your PL album! :) Love the look for your first assignment. Your writing is so... can't think of a good word... pleasing, gentle, cheerful. Thanks for joining in.

  16. Great word and great page! Thanks for sharing your journey. I really like how you used everything to make the word pop!