project life ~


welcome to project life. week seven.

felt like i was finally finding a groove this week with putting my pages together.
so much so i almost wanted to make another two pages.

week seven continued with a pink theme with some grey thrown in there because...well...i like grey.
enjoyed these printable labels i found on pinterest this week. will be using them a lot i think.

seems i invariably take photos before finishing the journaling...

this week continued to use RhonnaDESIGNS to create the week block.
some ali edwards love circles brushes to add sentiments to journal cards.
ormolu flip flappers.
and i continue to challenge myself to use my endless supply of patterned paper that i hoard love to mat photos and words.

this page includes A Year to Follow Your Heart journal cards for a 6x4 block.
as well as textuRes bRushes to format journal cards.
more ali e digital designs.
crate paper journal cards + word art from previous WIPkits. finding those coming in handy.

this week i paid attention to what is really working for me in these pages.
sort of 'go to' formats, if you will::
*week journal block. I continue to use the week block with bullet points on the highlights of the week. i will continue this and probably change up the theme from month to month. what is a good color scheme for spring? happy to take your suggestions.

*a full 4x6 or 6x4 photo of the little mr...who by the way was 18 months this past week. i adore having a succession of photos of him every week. something i did not do with the others and now wish i had.

*borders on photos. When I look back on previous weeks, it is bothering me when I don't use a bit of a white border. For me, and this is just little o' anal me, I need a bit more separation between the images.

*design A. Wish i was only sticking with one design for the page protectors. But I have a whole box of an assortment. Feel compelled to use what I have.

*pattern paper. Love the challenge using various collections of pattern paper, yet sticking with some cohesion. I try to be eclectic, really I do. but it just does not work for me.

*2.9 x 4 journal blocks. o.k...thank you Liz Tamanaha of paislee press...she dispersed the myth of the 2.88 x 3.88 sized journal cards. This years pockets are slightly bigger...I have been messing with sizing my cards correctly for weeks now...7 to be exact. Now I know.

*journaling. Add more journaling this year. Nothing earth shattering. Simply paying more attention to the little things, because a year from now, they won't be so little, when all these people in these pics are at a totally different place in their life.

*organized. felt so much more organized this week. still not perfect. work in progress. such is my life.

*and above all...still absolutely head over heals about this project. love. it. good.


  1. BEautimuss!!! I heart it all!! Great job my friend. P.S. YOu never replied to my email about Snap missy ;) laterz xoxo

  2. PURE gorgeousness!!!
    Love it Jamie!
    I need to catch up ;-)