project life ~ week.six


Welcome to Project Life ~ week.six.

As I went through the weeks photos, the theme of connectedness kept coming up.

Perhaps it's my want to connect the month artistically by way of color and theme. (pink&hearts).
But that is only the creative side.
It was deeper than that as the pages and photos and words came together.

There was the continued connect between mr. pate and house as he works through needed projects.
The continued connect between the little mr. and his love of looking at his books.
The odd connect, if you will, of oldest teen male who is actually working through disconnecting with us as family as activities and interests draw him more and more outside our home. (Added journaling card after photo was added.)
The connect of the middlest with her growing skills in the kitchen.

I am certainly aware of the renewed connect between the man and wife of the family.
The connect of the oldest daughter and her striving for more everyday and how it always comes back around and connects to one of us in the family.
The connect between the little mr. and his surroundings. He fills entire rooms with his presence drawing all eyes to him and his adorable toddler antics.
And my favorite, the connect between siblings with laughter and shared interests and accomplishments.
Even in the midst of what is sometimes a messy life, there are such strong connections happening in our home.
Another reason I am in love with project life. It allows me to be aware. to see. to document.

With the theme of pink I continue to use RhonnaDESIGNS for the 'week' journaler. The KissMeCollection, which has received quite a work out, was employed once again to house the date and week marker.

I printed on a mini tag for the sunday photo. My dear friend, Alexandra, has a great tutorial on her blog demonstrating how to print on tags.

A part of a Starbucks cup was utilized this week as it was such a great graphic. It added to the theme of the photos of mr. pate and myself. Fuzzy, but taken by the I am not complaining.

Thanks to Pinterest I came across plucky momo. This girl has got it on with fun project life freebies.
Her journal card with the pointy finger has shown up now two weeks in a row. (Shown in the very first photo at the top of this post..but then I covered it up with a printable from the KissMeCollection...because I do that.) I just love it. She calls this one Hello Vintage .
The Today's News journaler is from her too. I am sure to use those again.


  1. I love your double page Jamie!
    I repaet myself, but it is so wonderful to follow you week after week, it makes the disatnce less of a burden too ;-))

    Thanks for linking me up, you are too sweet ♥

  2. love the color scheme of this double page!

  3. thanks for your awesome words Jamie, but its you who totally inspires rock BIG TIME!!!!

  4. Oh, yay, more Project Life pages! I get so excited to see these, Jamie! And every time, I do, I wish that I took on a project like this. Maybe someday.... :)
    Love, love, love the little pockets. They are so tiny, and yet you manage to add just the right amount of embellishment and detail. Love that you even included an upcycled Starbucks cup. That Graphic is fab! Love that date card, too. Such a gorgeous graphic. And fab papers. You have rocked the pink this month!

  5. Wonderful little snippets of your life. Looks like a lovely week indeed :)