a year to follow your heart


Made this shadow box art piece at the beginning of the year to celebrate my olw::gifts.
"she saw many gifts and decided to joy in them."
a bit of a mantra. if you will.

Rhonna included it on the creative team tuesday post on this fine day.
(eta::if it is not up yet, check back later.)

the details:
1. printed the 'perfect' 6x8 background from the A Year to Follow Your Heart collection.
2. printed the 'air mail' journal card on a shipping tag. turned the opacity way low so it was a subtle background. Before printing, i used the RF Apex font to add the sentiment. After printing the tag, the edges were distressed, a hole was punched toward the bottom, and a crown and other bling was attached using coffee-dyed seam binding.
3.after attaching the burlap to the shadow box mat, the 6x8 background was hot glued on top.
4. then the tag was popped up with dimensional tape atop the background.
5. various butterflies from other RhonnaDESIGN papers were fussy cut and popped up on the background to add more dimension. love how dimensional this truly feels. my word speaks to that too!
6. oh...and almost forgot, crinkled a piece of masking paper and added a little date tag that also resides on top of the shipping tag.

so happy for how this turned out...it sits on one of my work tables to remind this thick skulled lady every single day.


  1. ABsoluteltY beautiful as always, your work always inspires me! So much attention to detail in all your work! I'm off to pin ya :)

  2. That is so beautiful Jamie! I love the burlap and design details. Thank you for sharing!