cards. cards. cards.


It all started with cards you know.
Those little canvases of sentiment made at large for those we loved.
Or put away when we needed to send out some happiness...
you know...through snail mail?
That ancient mode of message communication.
I think cards are still as important today as they were when I started crafting them fifteen years ago.

I still enjoy the simplicity of creating these sentiment holders.
And have had the occasion this week to make many a thank you note for all the wonderful birthday goodness given to me this past month.

So I pulled out packages of partially used scrapbook papers, mostly from my wonderful stash of WIPkits.
And simply played with pattern and color combinations. It was actually wonderful therapy.
The process ended up with a sort of interactive card...a flapper card if you will.

The idea is to make a regular size card. In the above case, they measured 4x5 when closed.
So, starting with an 8x5 scrap of pattern paper, fold in half longwise, and you have your base.

Using a different pattern of paper, create a scrap to go over the front of the traditional card. 
This one here is slightly smaller than the folded card.

Add a journaling tag inside, also from my leftover memory keeping projects, and you are left with a very simple, but different take on a traditional, made with love, card. 

Oh...and don't forget to make and add embellishments to the front of your card. Great way to clean up be creative with your stash and stash of hoarded saved paper.

go. create.


  1. LOVE your cards, so pretty! I totally agree with you, nothing like a snail mail card in the post to cheery someone up!

  2. Oh, man, that's the neatest idea I've seen in a while! Love it!

  3. Great cards! Talk about a shot of happiness!