one little word ~ march blog hop

Nihao, Cupcake! Blog

i think my word is changing me.
my word gift.
i do not say this lightly.
i have had pretty good words in the past.

but this word has already surprised me.
i am surprised that other people around me are teaching me this word.
i am surprised how aware i have been toward my word.
i am surprised to see it do a work in my heart.
i am surprised by gifts.

this word was inspired by this book.
one thousand gifts has been a life changing book for me.

i am maintaining awareness in the every day.
or at least self correcting when needed.

my mantra.
posted in several places.
read often.

appreciating the everyday gifts.
joying in them.
writing them down.
photographing them.
staying faithful to my word.

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  1. Love your post Jamie. Your photos and the finished montage are truly beautiful. I love the serenity of your word. Thanks!

  2. A truly fabulous set of images.

  3. Beautiful post and images. I love what you are doing with your word. :D

  4. Lovely and love filled images, so beautifully presented too I always enjoy seeing such artistic photos. Glad that your word is working so well for you.

  5. Beautiful and breath-taking photos. Scrolled down and your layouts are delightful! Such wonderful moments to capture!

  6. i loved hearing how your word is changing your life. i too have been amazed at the the power of OLW. :) your photos and montage are so lovely and really reflect your sentiment. looking forward to hearing more about it. love, kelly

  7. i think i said this last month too...love love your word and your photos and words are incredibly inspiring!

  8. Love your post. Your photos are fabulous and your words are touching. It's nice to see your word is having an impact on your life. Mine (breathe) is doing the same!

  9. So, so beautiful! And I adore seeing how meaningful this process has been for you!

  10. Ah, so beautiful, Jamie. Your page is a gift!

  11. I almost felt your joy just reading your post. What an amazing way to truly LIVE your word, and your visuals are at once striking and serene. Just lovely. I must check out the book that inspired you.

  12. jamie - i just love your thoughts and photos this month. very creative and inspiring. sorry it took me so long to comment, i've been out of town since the hop went live. see you next month. xoxo

  13. Love your collage. I love how you incorporated small word arts to make the photos pop.

    Thanks for sharing your journey and letting me see a glimpse of your life. Love them!