project life ~ week.ten


welcome to project life ~ week.ten

As I have posted recently, I have been distracted.
by life.
and by myself.
i have not met my own personal deadlines...
and continuing to work through that and attempt to make better.
one of those ways is to allow myself permission to post these pL updates a week later than completed.
my impression is that these pages and posts continue to inspire other creatives and pL-ers to keep their projects going.
and so i will continue to adjust my own expectations and make this happen.

pL for us continues to be about what is happening in our week.
the everyday.
the mundane, if you will.
deep down i know it is not mundane.
especially years from now when i look back at these everyday photos and ponder and remember and wonder...where did it all go?

by way of products used i am still a bit heavy with a hybrid approach.
above you can see RhonnaDESIGNS spring circus.
a journal card from the a year to follow your heart kit. (an essential kit in my opinion).
the story word art brushes by ali edwards.
life sentiment cards vol. 02 by ali edwards.

cathe holden has some fabulous labels that i use everywhere now.

the starbursts brush kit and mini seals kit from RhonnaDESIGNS was added to this outdoor pic to help celebrate how fabulous the weather has been. the neighborhood woke up a bit this week. we just love that!

close up of some of the journal cards using the above digi kits. love making my own.

finding that the 6x8 collage pages from the kit a year to follow your heart printable make for great journaling spots. had a lot to put in my book this week by way of telling our story. so i opted for typing the journaling and printing on the card and slipping in the 6x4 size pocket on the Design A Becky Higgins page protectors.

Continue to make the weekly block with RhonnaDESIGNS. Only because I love playing with all the tool kits.

thank you for visiting.
hoping you find some inspiration today.
and then go. create.

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  1. Hi Jamie
    Gorgeous as always. love your PL pages. Thanks for sharing! Did you get my email by the way?