will you look at that face!
o.k...so this is suppose to be a post about my submissions for the march WIPkits gallery...but i am distracted by that beautiful face.
that eighteen month old face.
he is all that!
and amazingly more.

have said it before...
this Mar kit was fabulous made up of mostly echo park this&that collection.
no wonder it sold out.
makes ya want to jump on them earlier next month.

as this is being read i am in sunny california (well...hoping for sunny)...
spending girl time with my friend from high school.
will be back next with week with more layout love.


  1. My gosh, I am absolutely in love with this! What a stunning layout, Jamie!
    Hoping you have the MOST fabulous time with your girlfriend. :)

  2. Hoping you're having a blast to celebrate your birthday!!

    Great page Jamie ;-)


  3. so sweet! I wish I could have a little one around the house again! I miss my kids being so small!