art of observation:anticipate


We are all having a fabulous time over at Heidi's class: the art of observation.  I am learning. and thinking. and creating. and planning. just what i needed right now. love how that works out.

Heidi has a boat load of fabulous products she recently had debut. But i can't help myself...i have to see what i can make on my while i am not up yet to making stamps like the 'smile' one up above (stamp carving class on my list)...i was up to the task of making my own instaframe. the frame above lifts up so i can place a photo in there. the frame is from RhonnaDESIGNS and it is from the simple photo edges kit. i have had a few questions about it, and may do a tutorial about the hybrid frame. anyone else interested?

 a new fav stamp kit :: heid swapp's memory file acrylic stamps. her words. cute images. this set.
love it on masking tape.
love the little details.
love this class.

now go. create.


  1. HOLY YUMMY! How beautiful, Jamie! LOVE these colors, and what gorgeous, happy papers! Your little insta-frame is fabulous! And SOOOOO love the stamped piece of masking tape. :)
    Finally got my Northridge box, by the way!! :)

  2. Looking great!
    Greetings from Paris~

  3. all I have to say is SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!