word art


Currently experiencing a word art kick. I think most recently it was kick started by Heidi Swapp's class and one of the prompts which then gave way to this small piece...

Rhonna Farrer is one of my fab inspiring word art mavens. Here are a few of my favorites...

Love how she incorporated a real photo. dressed it up with her digital designs. then added great, affirming words. brilliant.

Adore the softness of this piece + the words. Rhonna utilizes her art work for her 21 day challenges very often. She turned me on to this several years ago. Simply makes me happy.

This one is one of my all time favorite quotes I discovered by way of the 21 challenge...one of those go to quotes when all the doubts come crashing in? Do you have any of those? "Who are you NOT to be?"

And here are some recent ones I have been working on. All digital save for the fonts, unless noted, are RhonnaDESIGNS...(i think...hee hee hee...)

 This is a combination of A Year to Follow Your heart kit, Bouquet Brush kit:Easter Celebration, and Spring Mix kit. The base was done digitally and then printed out. I printed additional butterflies from the Spring Mix kit and 'popped' them up on the canvas. I adore this right now, and can hardly take it down even though Easter has been over for a week.

 Another new favorite...
this piece includes: Junqued Frame, Bouquet Brush kit, Spring Circus background, Spring Circus Borders + PunkJunque kit including the Mini Textures kit. Oh...how I adore the tool kits!

Lastly today: this was posted over the weekend, and an answer to the photoadayApril day14 prompt. I felt the need to create, so I did.
Art work includes : A Year to Follow Your Heart 6x8 jpgs; PunkJunque; MiniTextures kit.

now go. create.


  1. totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. all just gorgeous stuff, little works of art.

  3. So, so beautiful, Jamie! You ALWAYS inspire me, my friend!