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This was a layout I did for WIPkits. Trish included lots of 6x4 textured and pre-embellished cards. Plus die cut tags. Journaling spots. And so I went with that idea.

Starting with a 6x12 base, I blocked the cardstock pieces and the stamped spots plus a Mar die cut tag.
On those little homes I added my photos. On some I would add additional elements, on others I would leave them plain with the in the above 'love' kraft tag.

Tickets from the main part of the kit tied in perfect and added a fun and whimsical appeal.

On the back side, I used a free template from paislee press. Sized it down to fit within the 6 inch parameters. Obviously I had lots to say, so I took advantage of half that page and used that up for my story. This was the week that Mr. Pate and oldest daughter were away, and I was very lonely. So, I do what I do...I wrote about it.

I will love these photos forever, and so they are part of week 13 pL.

Hoping something inspired you here today.
now go. create.

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  1. they feel very rustic Jamie..perfect for those photos..I am sooo scared to try something the size but you make it look so fab maybe one day I will!