junqued party hats


Birthday season is in the air at the Pate household.
A biggy for my oldest daughter is coming up next month...she will be 13.
I am having what I call a 'blessing' party.
Families who have played some sort of significant role in her life have been invited.
And their gift will be words of blessings that I will then place into a mini album for her to have.

Starting the decorations early so I can actually do all that is in my head.
Dear Lizzie's in Utah inspired me to start with junqued party hats set about in a festive manner.
So off to my collection of RhonnaDesigns I went to start the fun for the grey and yellow vintagey theme party.

Just because a kit is thematic, for example it was for New Year's or Easter, does not mean it should sit dormant in your digital folders doing nothing. Re-use them in new ways. Think outside the box.

We start with the It's Time kit...remember that one from New Years? Well...it's timeless.
Included in the kit are hat templates.

So I printed the music print hat several times.
Cut. and glued following the fabulous instructions on the printable.
After the hat was formed a masking paper ruffle was added to the edge.
Then a junque bow was formed from tulle, paper shreds, dyed seam binding and whatever I could add. See how an older kit has found a new use? I love that.

A kit in the RhonnaDesigns collection is the outstanding Quatrefoil Tool Kit. I use this kit quite often.
I made the tag by creating a 2x2 canvas in Photoshop Elements.
The canvas was filled with color.
Then I added tag5 from the Quatrefoil Tool Kit: Tags.
Then...one of the starbursts brushes from the Starbursts Brush Kit was added in white. The opacity was turned down to about 50.
Then print.
Add to the junqued up hats.

Lastly, the Easter Celebrations: Printable Sayings was used for some of the sentiments.
Simply open the printable.
Select the sentiment.
Copy to another canvas.
Cut out.
and distress.

Wake up those older kits and reuse them into something fresh and new.

now go.


  1. Jaime, as ever your work is whimsical, fun and sophisticated. If we lived closer I know we would good friends. Our craft aesthetic is so similar and now I find out you have a 13 year old..me too. She turned 13 Dec 20. Such an interesting time to parent a teenager.

    Love the hats and love the idea of the blessing album. Such a terrific memory for her.

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  3. Hi Jamie,
    that is just the idea I needed for my 3year old party in July for it is sooo cute and awesome! I love the Junk-Bows and I love the colors:-)

  4. Jamie these are just GLORIOUS!!!

  5. What a fantastic idea and beautiful projects!
    She's so blessed to have you as her Mommie!

    Happy Celebration!
    Can't wait to see more ;-))