art of observation. amazed.


I am a little behind.
I am a little out of order.
But I am at least keeping up with the Art of Observation class.

this is week4.
the prompt for this week was 'what amazes you?'

Quite frankly what amazes me with this project
is that i cut out her cut file...without my long awaited for cameo.
(yes friends, i am about to jump on the trendy trend of the cameo.)

The technique of this project included accordian minis.
homemade photo stacks.
and some of my own digital embellies using RhonnaDesigns.

The heart of the observation was to take note of that which, well, amazes you...mostly in the techno world.
for me that included:
the computer, of course.
cell phone.
online banking...that actually should have been first on my list.
the ipad.
the ipod.
the ipod nano.
and my camera.

back in the day i use to make mini accordians all the time.
it was fun to make and include them in a memory file.

the photo stack actually is home to much journaling about the things in my life that make my life easier, or take up my time...hmmmm...maybe a balance of both?

i think this observation prompt could be captured in many ways.
and i think it should be an observation we should do often.
sort of an inventory of the abundance that we live in.
an exercise in gratitude.
because I know I could live without it all...I mean we grew up without it all...
but i am thankful and grateful that we have these tools to our benefits.

now go.


  1. Hi Jamie, i just had to stop by to say again what an amazing job you did on your "nutshell" memory file. your work is exceptional right down to the smallest detail. i always look forward to seeing what you come up with every week. i'm going to be a little sad when the class is over.
    hugs - Leanne

  2. Jamie,
    as always I love your clean style. Gorgeous file folder- throw in something from Janet and you could recreate House of 3!

  3. The inspiration is already amazing!!! Gorgeous stuff!

  4. This is beautiful! I love your work -- I'm so glad this class had introduced me to you as an artist!

  5. I love the fold-out accordion books!

  6. What a beautiful mini, Jamie! I absolutely adore the papers and colors you used, and the design is fabulous. So love the little accordian-fold inside!