art of observation ~ ordinary to extraordianry


As I create each of these projects for the Art of Observation, each one speaks to me in a different way. Seems when I peruse these memory files, they speak strongly to me of the story they are telling. Much more so than my traditional 12x12 formatted pages.
And this particular story is no less than any of the others.

This week's prompt, from week 8, was about taking something ordinary, and expounding on what is extraordinary about the story.
And as I examined this, I realized...isn't that what we as life artist do all the time?
Take and record daily 'ordinary' snapshots of our life, and tell the story so that we may remember that even in the everyday there is always something extraordinary to celebrate?
I say yes.
That is exactly what we do.

This file includes three mini albums. The 4x4's are shown on the left side. They are simply created by taking 8x4 pieces of cardstock and patterned paper and attaching them together to make their own mini. Once that was completed, I took a shipping tag and wrapped it around from the back making it a closure for the little story book so that it won't fly open when the file is open.  These minis are full of photos and lots of journaling that tell my sweet little 'ordinary' story.

I have already used this technique again in a other project. You should try it too.

The right side of the file holds a slightly larger mini that includes quite an assortment of patterned paper to further tell my story. The book progressively becomes larger allowing pages to poke out from behind previous pages. If you know me at all, you know how I love to have hints of what is to come showing up in my mini albums.

My story and photos are about this ordinary little boy who has made our life extraordinary.
It is about how he has discovered our little slide in the backyard.
It is about how his siblings are watching his little life through their bigger eyes.
It is about how the everyday can be, indeed, extraordinary, if you have trained your eyes and heart to seek that which touches you beyond ordinary.

Now go...
seek the extraordinary.


  1. This is fabulous Jamie!
    so so inspiring!
    I can't help but be moved by it ;-))

  2. Another beautiful creation! I love the minis and their closure!!! Genius!