upcycled packaging


This week I wanted to share an upcycled project that is so very doable.
I cannot take credit for coming up with this fun packaging idea. It was found in a swanky boutique recently and of course I said to myself..."I can make that.".
And so I did.

plastic take out soda cup
paint brush
mod podge
vintage book pages

For the cup, simple mod podge book pages to the cup until you come up with a pleasing cover over the surface.

Junque bows. I adore junque bows. I make them all the time now for packaged gifts, not to mention as decor around my home.
upcycled decorative tissue paper
sheer ribbon
stringed pears
book paper

Take your 'junque' scraps and create a bow with them. I simply layer the items, usually the heaviest piece goes first, and pinch them between my fingers as I continue to 'junque' up the bow. After I have completed a pleasing looking bow, I tie it in the middle with twine. Use any or all of the supplies I mentioned above. I am sure you can come up with your own elements to add to your junque bow.

After the bow was tied, I trimmed the ends and added a vintage brooch to the middle. This was then attached to the front of the cup and fluffed up a bit.
Now, fill the cup with paper shreds and tissue and a special gift for that special someone. (or keep it for yourself...wink).


  1. The girls and I were just playing with book pages and Mod Podge the other day. Very addictive, but messy. Now I'll have to go searching for some cups to alter...great, great project!

  2. Jamie, I love this project. I did see something like this at the Nut Cracker market last year and I said the same thing. I can make that! They wanted $30.00 for it because it was Christmas - Crazy! Thanks for the idea.