celebrating 13


Celebrated my daughter's thirteenth birthday...
we now officially have two teenagers in the house.
Pray for me, won't you?
To ease into this new journey I of course reached for RhonnaDesigns digital kits.
The versatility of digi art work continues to inspire me!!!

I mean how simple is it to print out a banner spelling celebrate using the MonogramJunqueKit on vintage paper?
well...it's really simple.
I printed the letter out in draft mode first.
Then placed the book page over that letter and tacked it down on the top with a little tape.
Then ran it through the printer again.
I notched them all on the bottom...and attached to some vintagey twine.
This banner is so gorgeous...I cannot even take it down yet!

The table top flags were easy-peasy too!
They also were printed out on vintage book paper.
This time using the NauticalChicPapers.
I took the DottieStripePaper and simply printed out on the paper.
Trimmed up the edges with border punches...
glued them to a skewer, dolled them up with a few other words, doily, and seam binding...
and they are sweet.
Oh...the number 13 is from the NumberJunque kits.
In my humble opinion, I think the Monogram and the Number kits are must have tools.

"Lolly, Lolly, Lolly get your adverb here"...oops...I digress...
Made lollies too and again, you can see here a little more printing on book paper, this time with the QuatrefoilTookKit. The papers already had a great grey and yellow pattern that worked perfect with my color theme.
The quote is snagged from the SpringCircusKit.
I just love mixing all these kits up like this.

The other lollie was made using the ChevronToolKit and the patterns more specifically.
I just colored one pattern the grey.
Then added another pattern in yellow.
And had perfectly custom made lollies.
And I can still re-do them to fit any occasion.
I love that!!!

Thanks for stopping in!

Now go,


  1. Beautiful as always! That banner is so simple but so gorgeous!!! Happy birthday to your daughter! :)

  2. How great! Love the colors of your lollies:-)
    Very sweet and stylish but not to girlie!
    Happy Birghday to the 13 year old!

  3. you never disappoint Jamie, these are STUNNING!!!!

  4. Bon Anniversaire ;-))
    LOve the yellow and gray decorations Jamie!