project life ~ week 18


welcome to project life.

This finds me very behind in project life.
What? you say? you are never behind in project life?
but i am behind.
but with good reason.
the "art of observation" has been that which replaced my time for pL.

I think i speak for all of us pLer's when i say that this project at time can be a chore?
do you agree?
it is a chore to keep track of photos.
it is a chore to journal your life.
it is a chore to tell the story of you or your family or the theme of that week.
but the end result...
the story in hand in years to come WILL BE PRICELESS.
so this is why i attend to the chore...
even when i am behind.

and then...

There have been more stories i have wanted to share...
than those that will simply fit in the pocketed page protectors.

so there are additional layouts that i HAVE TO {wink} add to the album.
additional celebrations to remember.
oh...because these days are just flying by...and i am bound to forget.

and i don't want to forget.

or this story here...getting time with mr. pate...
exploring and discovering our town.
renewing those activities we use to do before kids.

so i attend to the task as time allows.
keeping all things in balance... least trying to keep things all in a creative balance.
because i know one day it will be a treasure to my heart.

now go...
create your story.


  1. You are so good at story telling and I think it's great you keep up or back track to keep up for PL. I would feel over whelmed if I lost the plot-fell behind and then I would simply stop. So bravo to you for keep going!

  2. Dearest Jamie,

    You speak the truth GF!
    I feel the same way about my PL ;-)
    But boy, is it worth it and I love your week 18!!

    PRECIOUS indeed!
    Thank you for sharing!


  3. Hi Jamie! Marie-Pierre from Heidi's class here. :)
    I just wanted to tell you that I came by and....I LOVE this week of your project life! WOW! I kept up with the project the whole year last year but this year it seems like I just don't get to it. At least, like you, I'm keeping up with Heidi's class. I love it!! I also wanted to let you know that I've put your blog into my blogroll on my blog so I don't forget to visit you once the class is over. It's so soon!! It makes me want to cry. So I hope you'll also come and visit me from time to time and I hope that we'll keep in touch. It was nice to meet a girl of so much talent like YOU!! :) Sincerely, Marie xox