did you hear?


did you see?
did you love?

instagram + rhonnadesigns + phonto = insta' lovin

rhonna has been working on several font dingbat kits to be used with phonto...
and for you android users, phonto droid let's you upload your fonts now.
love. it.
having so much fun being creative with instagram pics and rhonnadesigns fonts.

and she is so amazingly creative and always sharing her wealth of knowledge...like here.

Insta Lovin' Bundle

Insta Lovin' Bundle

insta numbers...

Insta Lovin' Bundle

insta banners...

Insta Lovin' Bundle

and insta cons...love. them. all.

here is a peek into one of my images all done up in phonto with several fonts from RhonnaDesigns.
the fun dots are from the insta patterns kit.
the arrow & the 2day is from  the insta cons kit.
and the flourish is from an older kit called RhonnaDesigns Dingbat Font.
when it was all done i loaded it to instagram...
follow me..won't you? jamiepate

and here is one i did quick fast in photoshop elements...
see...you don't have to be an instagramer to benefit from all the fabulous fonts found here...
i simply added some insta icons + insta patterns + insta tags, along with the bonappetit font, and the apex font...

and now that my cameo has finally arrived...
my mind is whirling with what i can do with these fonts and that silhouette...

till then...
go create some insta luvin'.


  1. Please let me come play ....... You ate way toooo clever

  2. Please let me come play ....... You ate way toooo clever