nautical chic


Do you ever come across a kit, digi or otherwise, and think...hmmm...that is so not me?
Do you ever play with it for awhile and begin to discover a like?
Do you ever find that you then keep reaching for that kit...only to find that you found a way to love it?
That sort of describes my way with NauticalChic by RhonnaDesigns.
at first....not so sure.
But I have used this kit very often these past several weeks.

jmpgirl ~ nautical chic

and now it is fast becoming one of my favs.
The card was what I call a 'quick-fast-in-a-hurry' hybrid card.
The NauticalChic Borders kit was perfect for this birthday card.
I started with a 4.25x5.5 blank canvas.
Then I added the chevron print from the NauticalChic Paper.
I brushed it with one of the MiniTextures brush to give it some distress.
Then I stamped away with the other brushes from the Borders kit....
and called it good.

And it seems I cannot go a season without some sort of banner in my home.
This mini banner was perfect for the July4 celebration...and will stay put for the rest of the month.
It combines these kits all from NauticalChic:
Tiles Kit.
Paper Printable Backgrounds.
Borders Brush Kit.
Images from the Tiles Kit were printed out. trimmed. and that was that.
I stamped several brushes and printed them to cardstock and trimmed them in various banner styles.
With the Paper Printables I added a few brushes from the MiniTextures kit before printing and then trimming them.
I love putting these together and they inspire me while they are up in my home...until I come up with a new one.

Thanks for stopping in today.
I know I have not been around much.
And I need to go give you all a visit too.
Been too long.

Now go...
find some time to create.


  1. Jaime,
    I adore that card design. I never thought to add a big area of pattern while leaving so much white. It is really fresh and awesome.

  2. Love the nautical theme and that chevron design. Lovely card!

  3. OH Jamie you really are the queen of banners..i love each one you create for a new season or holiday!!

  4. Thanks for the honesty. I thought the same about the line. Do I have to rethink?:-)