just me memory file


Welcome to the first official assignment for the Heidi Swapp Media Team.
(deep sigh)
First I have to say once again, now that the initial shock has settled in, and I have become more acquainted with Heidi and the fabulous, fabulous Media team (which includes you, Susan), and I have even had a chance to interact with some amazing women in Heidi's Color Live Webshow last week, that it is still blowing my mind to be on this team. It is indeed a dream come true, and my heart sings so often with this reality. 

jmpgirl ~ just me memory file

Heidi requested a personal memory file to be made about...me!
Gulp...o.k...you know how hard that can be to put your own self out there and make it about 'you'.
But that is what I did.

jmpgirl ~ just me memory file

The theme I came up with is 'I am...".
And while there are about 8 pages of who I am, we all know that 8 hats is in no was inclusive of all we women/moms/daughters/friends are...
I fear I barely scraped the surface about who "I am..."
But I attempted nonetheless.

jmpgirl ~ just me memory file

The mini memory file is host to the Summer CHA line called Vintage Chic.
And. It. Is. Gorgeous!!!!
It is already proving to be so versatile.
And I look forward to discovering all it's depth.

jmpgirl ~ just me memory file

There are details on Heidi's blog today talking about this file. But I just wanted to add a few more for you here today.
If you follow me even a little you know how much I love mini albums. This one followed some of my same 'go to' techniques:
stuff sticking out
words/sentiments on every page
follow a pattern with the pages
and just do what i love

jmpgirl ~ just me memory file

Speaking of words on every page...the Vintage Chic sentiments are so so perfect. You will find that the style is versatile for any hue or pattern. And the sentiments are vast and perfect for any occasion.

jmpgirl ~ just me memory file

With this mini I sort of stayed with some basics to highlight me...
like...did you know I will have been married  23 years this October. Yes, I was a child bride.
Or that I am the oldest of two daughters. (And love that people often ask who is oldest. Hello!)

jmpgirl ~ just me memory file

(do you not adore how that zebra heart goes with such elegant vintage patterns?!?!?)

jmpgirl ~ just me memory file

Or that I live two doors down from my sister?

jmpgirl ~ just me memory file

Or that I have close friends that are in my every day life from high school?

jmpgirl ~ just me memory file

Or that I have an almost 17 year old AND a 2 year old?

jmpgirl ~ just me memory file

Or that I am mom and home schooling to five children? Makes me a little busy.

Well, for now that is my story...always to be continued.
And that wraps up this first assignment.
Please be sure to visit Heidi's blog and read more details about this newest mini installment in my library.

And be sure to look out for Vintage Chic to ship next month to your local scrapbook store or favorite online outlet.
And then be sure to make...pretty...stuff.


  1. I know I've already told you this, but, Jamie...I love this memory file...it's really just perfect.

  2. I am constantly amazed at the beautiful things you create. You are seriously so talented.

    Can you bring this "i am" file with you next time I see you? I want to look through it. :)

  3. Absolutely beautiful!! You truly are a perfect match for Heidi's team! Hugs from Conroe, TX

  4. Thanks for sharing super product and design ideas ...and yourself! Doing a great job on the HS team.

  5. You are amazing in so many ways. Thanks for the peek into who you are and what makes you special and unique and awesome.

  6. Holy cow!!! YOU ROCK!! I just found your blog and let me say that I'm in love with your work! Wow!

  7. Jamie, thanks for your inspiration. I truly love your creations. This one is awesome.

  8. I fell in love with your style during Art of Observation so I'm so excited to see you on Heidi's team. Love this memory file!!

  9. FABULOUS Jamie!
    I'm enjoying this so very much!
    What an inspiration you are!!!


  10. Have I told you lately how much I ADORE your work!!!!!!