So I have been taking the Trendspotting class over at Studio Calico.
And I do a weird thing when I take a class...
weird because I have been creating layouts for a very long time...
and have even been blessed to be on a few design teams here and there...
but quirky enough...I often like to 'copy' what the instructor does when taking their class.
Not always.
But very often.
And this layout I share with you today is one of those times.

jmpgirl ~ trendspotting

This page is very near to what Lisa created for the pdf bonus prompt.
There is something about going through the motions without thinking through the process too much.
That is also a way for me to be inspired, when I am otherwise not...but that is for another post.
To follow very close to what another life artist created gives me a certain insight, and I learn how to add something different to my next original project.

jmpgirl ~ trendspotting

A couple of things I really want to point out here for this layout:
the photo is an instagram that uses the InstaQuotes from one of RhonnaDesigns new kits.
See how versatile they are? Remember when I used them here.
And there are 26 of them!!!
Have you played with those yet? I.Love.Them. So much fun.
Secondly, the frame is also from a RhonnaDesigns kit called InstaLovin'Frames.
Is it not adorable? yes it is.
I simply printed one out and trimmed it for this photo to fit inside it.
But again, so many possibilities with these frames.

All that to say...
even though I totally lifted this layout/sketch idea from Lisa...
I still very much made it my own with all my own little touches.

So, you ever lift someone else to see where it may lead you?
I dare ya to try it.


  1. I am a big fan of Lisa's style and wish I could come near it!!! You did and beautifully at that!

  2. I do the same thing. I like to see new ideas and new ways of doing things. I'm a very tactile learner so by actually copying the project learn

  3. I am just not getting into this class as I should...unlike someone else who is totally rocking it BIG TIME!!

  4. I think I shall hire you as my personal creator of all things fabulous.