amethyst? seriously?


So rumor has it...
that there is a love/hate relationship over mists.
You know...the colored and pearly mists that you see all over...

HeidiSwapp has completely bought the farm, however, with her ColorShine.
And she talks about it over on her blog I will let you go check that out for yourself.
(eta:: ColorShine giveaway on Heidi's blog today!!!)

That said, I gave myself a little personal challenge.
And here it is:
use the Amethyst.
that's right.
the purple one.

Did you know I have a severe aversion to anything remotely related to purple?

Well, it is indeed true.

So...when avoiding an issue, face it head on...that's what I always say.

Taking the idea of one of Heidi's card creations from a recent Color Magic class, I went to work to make play with the Amethyst.

And here is the result...
and I have to admit...I am a bit giddy about it.

jmpgirl ~ amethyst?

 Using one of the patterns from the Color Magic 12x12 paper, I sprayed on a bit of the Tinsel and then the rest with the Amethyst Color Shine.
I warn you...go easy unless you want an amazing shock of color. The hues are intense. Gorgeously intense, I might add...
but I wanted to go a bit more subtle. So I went easy at first adding a little bit until I was happy with the result.

jmpgirl ~ amethyst?

The card was folded over into a matchbook style card.
I trimmed a few patterns from the VintageChic pattern paper as they complemented the colors I was working to use as side banners.

Then I realized that part of the map pattern in the NoLimitsDestination paper had some purple in the mix. I punched it with my MarthaStewart starburst punch....

and THEN...I realized that the striped butterfly in the VintageChicBuzzWords would totally work against the Amethyst.

jmpgirl ~ amethyst?

But before I added the butterfly (cute as it was), I went to dying white seam binding with the Amethyst...again, going easy. One hint I might add is to spray the seam binding with some water first. It helps to work the color into the fabric. But the results??? Gorgeous...I mean giddy gorgeous...(well, it was after midnight when I was working on this...but the color really was gorgeous.)

Put it all together...and I am ever so proud of myself for trying a new hue...and that it even turned out fairly likeable.

Now go...
go create with something you have avoided.
(and don't forget the giveaway!)


  1. loving your amethyst creation!
    way to "face purple" head on...

  2. I love the color--purple is one of my faves. Kinda like you.

  3. This is beautiful! Way to overcome the fear of purple!

  4. It's absolutely Gorgeous Jamie!
    Such a fine shade too ;-)

  5. I am soooo not into purple, either...but what you have created is just gorgeous...and I love a good are awesome.