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rhonna designs ~ create something every day 

Very often another's creative words on their blog will jump out and scream themselves at me... and here was one that was no exception...

except this was not a blog post...
Rhonna sends out newsletters very often, and during the One Year Birthday celebration of the shop, she sent them out daily.
And they were not to be missed.

With permission I asked if I could share some of her words here...
because they spoke to me about where I am right now in my creative world.

This particular newsletter was titled Create Something Everyday. And she focused on her 100 Creativity Exercises that she uses ALL. THE. TIME.

One of the points she focused on that really spoke volumes to me was this one::  

GOALS:: Write out creative goals for 1 day. 1 week. 1 month. 1 year.

here are her words...
8. GOALS:: Write out creative goals for 1 day. 1 week. 1 month. 1 year.

This is a powerful exercise. Write these down in a special book so you can look at them to be inspired, motivated & encouraged. This can be something that will take you into a whole new realm of creativity that you could never imagine. For instance, many of you know that a little over a year ago I became very ill. I had to step back from everything creative that I was doing. It broke my heart, but I knew I couldn't continue doing what I was doing. I still did my creativity exercises...even lying in bed. And one day I picked this one out of my jar. It sparked me inside. I sat down & made goals.

1 day:: to be able to get out of bed & overcome this illness.

1 week:: start designing again....even if it's just on my blog.

1 month:: put up my designs for sale on my blog.

1 year:: open up my online store to share my designs & uplift & inspire.

You know the rest of the story....each of those goals helped me, encouraged me...& I feel more creative than I ever had. I could have chosen to wallow in my bed & say 'I just can't do it'...Don't get me wrong. It's been a long, difficult, roller-coaster of a year....but, I've learned so much & I'm so thankful for that obstacle & trial, because I think it was a blessing in disguise. Goal setting is essential for creative growth. (copied with permission sept2012)

jmpgirl ~ create every day
card created for Pop Off the Page. StudioCalico. supplies: VintageChic by HeidiSwapp

Goal setting IS essential for creative growth.
Goals accomplished bring with them more energy and more confidence and more creativity.
Goal setting AND accomplishing are what I am in the middle of experiencing right now. So excited for what is on my horizon. Goals only dreamed and now slowly becoming realized. The excitement is indeed uplifting and inspiring.

And I truly hope. desire.  & want for you, my creative friends, too experience dreaming.  to experience goal setting. to experience goal accomplishing. The possibilities are endless. And the world needs what you have to share.

Now go...write down those goals.
And most especially in a pretty book that YOU created.


  1. Love your post Jamie!
    So much inspiration to be had!
    I must make such a book

    Thank You~

  2. I sooo needed this today, Jamie. Thank you!!! I purchased these Creative Exercises from Rhonna a while I need to actually go do something about them. You are awesome. Thank you!