stay creative


As I shared yesterday, it is essential to write down your goals.
Specifically your creative goals.
Essential for growth.
Essential for that creative muscle to grow.
Essential for your personal ability to inspire and create.

A way I stay in the mix is by taking classes here and there.
Especially classes that peak my interest or when someone I admire is leading the class.
I always gain something from an online class.
Pop Off the Page by Studio Calico with Jen Jockisch has been no exception.

It's not because I don't know how to compose a photo layout.
It's not because I don't know how to play with paper and make it work.
It's not because I don't have any ideas.
It's because I want to stay fresh. current. and continue to establish my style.

This class has accomplished all that for me just as I had hoped. (hmm...a little goal setting happening) has reminded me how how much I really do love the traditional scrapbook page.
I do not do them as often as I have in the past for many reasons.
But I really do love the process.

I shared a little peak of a card I made for this class yesterday...

here is the rest::

jmpgirl ~ stay creative

This was from Lesson1.
We were challenged to lift one of the contributors and I chose Danielle Flanders.
This card utilizes a few techniques shared in the class.
This card shares a sentiment from yesterday's post that is vital to me right now.
This card was designed to share with a friend who I think may need it right now.
This card was made with Vintage Chic scraps left over on my table making a project for HeidiSwapp that will be published tomorrow.

I have to share one you mind?

jmpgirl ~ stay creative

This was also from Lesson1.
An exercise in layers and textures. Plus misting and stenciling.
It's not totally my style, but that is just the point, practicing an idea outside of my personal zone.
Love these sorts of exercises.

jmpgirl ~ stay creative

Can you stand that sweet face?

jmpgirl ~ stay creative

Now go...try something outside of your zone today.
and enjoy.


  1. This is such a great post, Jamie! I totally get what you mean about taking classes :) And your layouts are AMAZING! I love them all!

  2. Great layout and card, love the sentiment as well on your card and the little guy is so adorable.

  3. Jamie, I loved what you posted about staying current. This is what inspires me about digital/hybrid/traditional scrapbooking. We all relate to current trends and fashions. That is what makes this so fun plus the wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I LOVE that layered layout! Seriously... it is stunning!

  5. I adore all the layers on the scrapbook page. I have trouble adding papers in that many layers…I need to practice. Odd that I cannot get the whimsical look of spontaneous layers so I need to practice more?? Yes….

  6. Jamie, I love your layered page. So lovely. I agree with you, the key to staying creative is just doing something creative everyday, no matter how small. Thanks for the words of wisdom today.

  7. WOW!! i LOVE these projects. that card is SO beautiful. the color palette and design are just incredible together. Stunning layout too...I love how things come together for you. Oh and those little star embellishments on the layout...SO CUTE! I am having a thing for stars lately, adorable!

  8. so good to see your layout Jamie
    I love your card also


  9. JAMIE need to run your own classes not be a participant....these are EXQUISITE!!!!!!!!!