one thousand gifts found


if you have followed me for a little bit you may know about this very important book in my life...

not only am i a profound enabler when it comes to this book by Ann Voskamp, 1000 Gifts...
but I took up the dare as well.
i took the dare to live fully right where i am.

now while i did not always do this as well as i should...
and while there were times i struggled with seeing the gifts in my life...
and while i know there will still be days that are ugly and need extra work...
that said...this book has actually changed my life.
my outlook.
my approach.
my gratefulness...

and today i did this::

jmpgirl ~ one thousand gifts found

i wrote my 1000th gift in my journal...
and it fills me with great emotion...
as a matter of fact it fills me with great emotion as i continue to think on it this day.

and i just wanted to share this with you my readers.
you have seen glimpses of this journey along the way...
well...the parts i let you see...
and there have been a few of you tell me that you too have picked up a copy for yourself.
that REALLY fills me with emotion.

and so today i start another journey...
the next 1000...
my goal. desire. want. is to find 1000 more gifts in the next calendar year...
and then see how that then changes me.

thank you so much for letting me share this with you today.
you have no idea.


  1. What a beautiful milestone you've reached. And now I must check out this book...

  2. Wow Jamie! 1000 gifts? I am all for gratitude and appreciation and looking at life positively-as much as I can. I could see myself writing down 100 gifts or even 200 but 1000!? Wow! It boggles me. Something to think about and be inspired by. Thanks for sharing! I must see if I can get a copy of that book.

  3. Impressive. Truly. One, that you realized that there were days that were a struggle, but you found something that made it worthy. Two, that you found joy in the process. And three, you did it! And what a treasure.

  4. beautiful sentiments Jamie...I must find that book here!

  5. First off, congratulations on your goal reached! I don't know much about this, but I'm definitely going to have to check it out! You're such an inspiration in so many aspects of life...thank you for sharing this journey of yours with us! xo

  6. wow...congrats!
    i bought this book on your reccomendation (i think during the art of observation)... and still haven't cracked it! i NEED to change that!

    thanks jamie for your selfless inspiration...

  7. i love this book...good for you, seeing all of those special little gifts in life friend.

  8. I saw your picture the day you posted on Instagram and thought it was awesome! Today I came across a journal you created that was on Rhonna's blog and I remembered your Instagram pic. I hopped on here to see if I could learn a little more about the 1000 picture and saw your gorgeous layout. I just spent a few minutes on Amazon reading the few pages that are posted and was so moved and because it is the middle of the night and all is still and quiet in my home I get to reflect on the Lord and His Grace in my life. Thank you for sharing. I will get the book and even before that start journaling gifts. Your message, story, little pieces of you that you've shared with me that will help me transform my life in wonderful ways is my first gift and so I wanted to let you know and say, thank you!
    Have an awesome day!
    ~Kimberly C.