desktop mini file album


So if you follow me at all on this blog you may suspect I have a thing for mini albums.
The idea of one smallish album being home to a single story really gets the creative juices flowin' for me.
Don't get me wrong, I am still a traditionalist when it comes to the of those die-hards that does not believe traditional scrap booking is dead...but that is another post for another time.
So when Heidi introduced in her MemoryFilesLive class a new use for the ChipboardMemoryFiles I immediately fell in love.
There is also a CreateToRemember video that shows off how this is put together.

jmpgirl ~ desktop mini file album

Of course mine went  slightly different...because that is how I roll...couldn't just do it like all the rest.
No, instead I trimmed the bottom of one of the shaped mini chipboard files so that I could use the shaped one and it still sit on the desktop as it is suppose to.

jmpgirl ~ desktop mini file album

What really makes this such a fun project for me is that it is a display piece.
Hence the desktop part...right.
The right side of the file is sort of a bulletin board if you will.
Notice I used an everyday office supply clip to hold the photo of mr. pate and I.
These pictures in this display came from a sort of photo expedition our family enjoyed on our last Sunday up in GlenwoodSprings. (You may recall last weeks TravelMemoryFile home to 40 photos...well guessed it...there are even more photos.)
So what a great event to have out for display.
I treated the right side 'bulletin board' just like any other layout. Lots of layers of paper, words, chipboard embellishments, wood veneers, tags...just what I do already, only a little bit more miniature.

jmpgirl ~ desktop mini file album

The left side of the 'album' is a photo stack I made with NoLimits pattern paper.
It is a great way to still get a whole lot of photos in one place. There are thirteen pictures in the photo stack with the dimensions of either 3x3 or 3.5x2.5.

jmpgirl ~ desktop mini file album

A peak into how those are all arranged inside the stack.

jmpgirl ~ desktop mini file album

Gosh I love the diversity of paper arts and story telling these days.
There are so many ways to show off those precious memories.
This desktop mini file could be really simple...
or embellished to the hilt...
and still be such a show piece.
This one sits right next to the TravelMemoryAlbum and tells a complete story that my family reaches for very often.
Love how this keeps the memories alive.
Love how it keeps us connected.
Love how we remember these special times in our lives.

Now go...check out Heidi's video for this project.
because not only is this a great project for yourself...
but I know that I am going to be making several for Christmas as well.


  1. Oh, Jamie! I love this! The colors are beautiful and I love your layer :) xo

  2. This is so awesome!!! Love all of the details.

  3. and another project of yours that simply takes my breath away!

    thank you~