travel memory file


jmpgirl ~ travel memory file
been a busy week around here...
finished up Heidi's MemoryLive webshows earlier this week...
not only are those classes chock full of insight and inspiration...
but the chatting that goes on is so much fun...
for that alone it is totally worth being apart of the festivies next go around.
hope you don't miss it.

jmpgirl ~ travel memory file

before class started, i finished up my travel memory file for our september weekend away to GlenwoodSprings.

jmpgirl ~ travel memory file

and what I adore about this album made from the MemoryFile concept...
is that I have 40 photos in here...
sure do.
do you know how much this busy mom loves that?

jmpgirl ~ travel memory file
so here are some details for you...
this project starts out with a NoLimits Memory File. I think those are perfect for a travel theme.
Right on the front of that file is one of the MiniMemoryFiles .
As you open that sweet page up it is home to five photos plus room for journaling.
The embellies are mostly all HeidiSwapp with a bit of my stash thrown in here and there.
The graph paper is actually a PostIt Note. I love them for journal spots.

jmpgirl ~ travel memory file

After the NoLimitsMemoryFile is opened up, photos are laid out everywhere, plus another MiniMemoryFile...
I really adore how the soft patterns from the MiniFiles work so well with the bold patterns from the NoLimitsMemoryFile. Imagine that?

jmpgirl ~ travel memory file

So then when the MiniMemoryFile is opened up...there is a self made photo stock full of photos and journaling too.

jmpgirl ~ travel memory file

I kept the embellishments inside the file fairly minimal. There were so many photos I wanted to be sure to include as many of those as I could and keep the emphasis on the story.

jmpgirl ~ travel memory file

Last page...but attached to it is a FotostackOpenable which can be a home to soooo many more photos and story telling.
So that is how I have 40 photos in these sweet files.
I love it so much. I really do. I love the file concept. It works for me so well. You know me...I love mini albums...but there is a certain diversity to the files that is filling my creative bucket these days.
It is so accesible sitting on an easle ready for anyone to pick up and enjoy.

so now go....
create lots of memories and make 'em pretty.


  1. How are you not exhausted after you do these projects? I mean, seriously. My brain would hurt! Someday I'll have to come and spend hours sitting on your couch looking through all your files. We'll for sure have to have a lunch break in there somewhere too. And a dinner break. And maybe even a shopping break...

  2. You amaze me with your memory files. I love the colors and layers, Beautiful work as usual!

  3. Once again, WOW! You've been super busy lately and you are definitely on a roll! Just stunning, Jamie! xo

  4. Absolutely awesome Jamie! Thanks for the inspiration. Jane B

  5. Ok like ...Im just picking my self up off the floor...really this is the most spectacular thing i have seen ina long time, pure genious having the file folder on the front...LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!!!

  6. Thank you for sharing not only your travels but also your creative journey!
    and what a beautiful path you have embarked on Jamie!

    You are the best ambassador for these files!

    Beautiful work!!

    Have a great w-e

  7. G*A*S*P!!!
    this is absolutely delish!
    thanks for sharing your creativity!

  8. this is SO lovely....I am in AWE. Love everything about this entire project. You have inspired me SO much. You rock! Love love love love love xoxoxo