december daily cover page


jmpgirl~december daily 2012

Do you ever start a project and it take on a life of it's own?
I am sure you do.
This is what my december daily is doing to me.
I am sure with all that is becoming our Christmas this year,
my mind is not staying to my theme.
It is discombobulated.
but here is the point...
I am keeping my book no matter what the circumstances of the month bring me and my family.
I had in my mind to show you days 1-10 today.
But it is just not coming together for me.
And here is what I am learning...
it's alright.
It's alright if it is not what you consider your creative best.
I am learning that anything is something.
And to be thankful for that.

jmpgirl~december daily 2012

So here is what I have for you so far.
I always include a family photo in our DecemberDaily.
Sometimes it is day one.
Sometimes it is the cover page.
This time it is the cover page.
The glassine bag holds an envelope defining what this year's December looks like with my brother in law in the hospital (today is Day20), with him having a brain bleed, pulmonary edema, facial numbing, and now a stroke. These realities are defining much of what this Christmas season looks like.
But it is our life.
It is our life right now.
And as we all have observed this past weekend, life is not always pretty.
Sometimes it is down right heart breaking.
I hope you know the hope that is Jesus Christ and that He is indeed the reason for your celebration.
Because I know, if I did not have that hope, I would not be able to walk this journey called life.
Hope you will discover the same.

Now go...and remember to document the reality of your matter what it may look like.


  1. You may feel discombobulated (I LOVE this word and Use it a lot) but your DD is gorgeous.

  2. I think this is stunning, Jamie! I've been struggling with my "creative best" lately too, especially in my DD, and It IS alright if it's not "the best". But sometimes what we think isn' t the best really inspires someone else to do their've inspired me with this gorgeous cover page and your family is beautiful. Praying for you all :)

  3. lots of prayers being sent your way!