inside day by day


Hello friends...
thank you for dropping in again to see inside of yesterday's journal.
today I want to share with you a bit of the inside, and why this journal is such an important daily part of my life.

jmpgirl ~ inside day by day journal

when the journal is first open i have placed my digital graphic of my one little word front and center.
i need to see this daily as a reminder of my word. as a reminder of my focus. as a reminder of what to do. it's a guiding force and so adding it to this book that i open up everyday is very important to me. i sized the printable to 5 x 7 and and adhered it to the first manila folder index page.

jmpgirl ~ inside day by day journal

these sentiment stickers are perfect word stickers. i don't know about you, but i need a lot of reminders. i am very visually driven, so to have a little reminder asking me 'if not now, when',  then i am bound to be challenged and inspired.

jmpgirl ~ inside day by day journal

you can see here how I have taken a regular manila folder, and trimmed it to size. i use these to divide the months. if you remember from yesterday's post over at HeidiSwapp that these journals hold three months at a time. i divide them up to further help me keep track of my writings. i dressed up this page just a little by adding (as i always do) fatmuslims photo a day graphic. i always print this out and add it to my journal to refer to daily.
i also used the month cutting file from HeidiSwapp's Digital Shop for mark the month.
then a few of her ClearStamps were used to just add a few details.

jmpgirl ~ inside day by day journal

here is something else that is always included inside my daily journal: Ann Voskamp's Joy Dare. i have been listing my gifts daily for well over a year now. last year i wrote my 1000th gift. these prompts are perfect to promote thought and help me be mindful of the daily gifts of my life. part of my morning routine is to check the suggestions listed here and write out several thoughts that i am thankful for and consider as gifts.

jmpgirl ~ inside day by day journal

as this journal has made it's way around the creative world, several of you have mentioned being challenged to journal. i would consider this joy dare to be a great prompt to get you to do just that. it can be bullet points. it can be full on essays if you wish. it is up to you. but the beauty of writing daily what and where you are in your current life is such a wonderful way to put your heart down on paper. good. bad. or ugly. and i hope you are inspired to do the same.


  1. I just love your approach to this! xo

  2. Happy New Year dear Jamie!
    LOve the inside as much as the outside of your album ;-))