one little word ~ 2013


eek! that's my word.
that's my one little word for 2013...
i have had this word tucked away for a bit now.
and it continues to grow in my mind and speak into where I am now...
and where I need to go.

(the 'brave' graphic was created using several new fonts coming to RhonnaDesigns soon)

I have many areas to grow in and it will require one to be brave.
plucky. (do you not love that word?)

i love all those words.
even though many of them scare me a bit.
but what is a challenge if not met with some trepidation that one needs to push past in order to succeed?
well...not much of one.
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ali edwards

i have claimed one little word for several years now thanks to the inspiration of ali edward's. and so many i know do the same now. while i am not one for resolutions in the traditional sense, having a word in my sight allows me to grow and be shaped by how that word changes me throughout a year.  last year's word, gift, did that. it was such a versatile word, but most of all it taught me to be observant of the many gifts around me all the time every day. even on the ugly days. (and yes, i too have ugly days.)

brave will help to shape many ideas, thoughts, and goals i have been putting off for a while. and it's such a bold word for me. it is more than just a reminder word like words past. it is a get up and do word. a word that holds me accountable. a word that can't be ignored.

so here is to a new year.
one i am strangely optimistic about.
thankful for all that 2012 brought into my life and taught me...
eager to dive into what is next.

so what is your one little word?


  1. I. Love. This. Let's be brave together.

  2. What an amazing word! Mine's strong. I feel a small connection with that word already but I'm hoping it does as much for me as my word I chose last year (fresh) did. OLW really is an amazing concept. xo