project life 2013


  welcome to project life 2013...

jmpgirl ~ project life 2012 cover

i love fresh starts.
and project life is another fresh start for me.
this will be my third year creating this album.
as i have said before...this project is a committment...
but one that is well worth the effort.
i love. my family love. my friends love looking over these books.
i keep these albums out and very accessible.
so we are looking at them all the time.

jmpgirl ~ project life 2012 cover

the first inside cover page is a hybrid or sorts.
the pattern paper was created using RhonnaDesigns stamps and fonts.
the family photo was the inspiration for the color.

the silhouette cut of 'our life' was made using the Bebas font and was inspired by what Adrienne did here on her cover page. i was even loving that diagonal paper too. you'll see how i did that.

for the upper right polka dot paper i did this::
opened a 6x4 document in photoshop elements.
i kept it white.
i then opened the polka dot stamp texture from the TexturesBrushKit .
i stamped the document with a grey color.
i printed out on textured white cardstock.
it looked like this::

ignore the clock. decided not to use.

jmpgirl ~ project life 2012 cover

arrows and hearts from studio calico + arrow clips and binder clips + notched paper and labels and words add a bit of detail to this page. i love embellishing like this.

the gold paper was made the same as above except when I created the 6x4 document, i then filled it with the gold color and stamped it with the honeycomb stamp from the TexturesBrushKit.
it looked like this when done::

the paper shown in the lower left pocket was made from Rhonna's new InstaPOP fonts and stamps.
again, another 6x4 document was created in photoshop elements and kept white.
then i added the png image from the InstaPopKit.
before adding it to the 6x4 i changed the color.
it looked like this when done::

finally i made the black and white diagonal pattern by adding the SpookyPrintablePaper to the 6x4 and then tilting the pattern.
it looked like this when done::

it's like making my own pattern paper. love the flexibility of this.

the tag was made by adding the png image from the InstaGoalsKit.
i added it to a blank document.
printed that out on copy paper.
then i taped the manila tag over the image.
and ran it back through the computer again.

jmpgirl ~ project life 2012 cover

and that little guy is just about as fun as that black&white stripe.

so glad for this project.
so glad for what it means to my family.
so glad for the habit created to make it happen every week.

i hope if you have discovered this project life concept of documenting your life that you find it as fulfilling as we do.


  1. Ahhh, Jamie, this is stunning! I love the color combo you chose and those photos are fantastic! Thanks for the shout out, my friend :)