project life wk 1 & 2


hello february.
loved january.
dream worthy.
it was a great month.
can't believe we are now entering the second month of this year twenty.13.

jmpgirl ~ project life 2013

and yes.
yes i do participate in project life.
who knew?

so happy today to share weeks 1 & 2 with you.
week 3 is in the works.
but had to take a back seat to a few other projects right now.

so for today...
let's talk 1 & 2.

jmpgirl ~ project life 2013

if you are new to project life here, here is a bit of what i do for every week.
i always have a larger photo (if possible) of the two year old. it is almost always in one of the top pockets. i absolutely adore tracking his life with this weekly photo.

i always have a pocket designated for the date and week.

jmpgirl ~ project life 2013

i used the studio calico 3x4 calendar card to designate the month of january. i sized the png down in photoshop elements, and kept it light grey. i just liked the very subtle font color. i will change it for future months.

jmpgirl ~ project life 2013

another thing i do is keep to a congruent color story. i am totally loving grey...still...
so grey tones is what i kept with for this first month...
these pages are very mellow in tone, but i hope it's the photos that really tell the story in the first place.

often i will add a traditional layout insert to tell a story.

jmpgirl ~ project life 2013

my thinking was that this photo did not really fit with the story. but it was an important photo to me. my daughter and her very good friends. i so love these girls together and am thankful for their relationship that it deserved it's own place in our family's story.

jmpgirl ~ project life 2013

it is always good for me to pull out my favorite embellishments and paper and just play. hmmm...maybe that was what i was really up to.

now go...
if you are on the fence about projectLIFE, i cannot encourage you enough to jump over and join this amazing journey of story+photo.
hope you will follow me as i keep up with projectLIFE 2013.


  1. I love the fact that it is not overdone and that the focus stays on the photos! Beautifully done Jamie!

  2. This is just beautiful Jamie! You're photos are so beaufitul (or maybe it's just the people in them :) I love the colors and how you added the sweet insert too! xo TfS!

  3. jamie jamie jamie, these are just perfect!