find your wings and fly


good morning, friends...
excited to share some upcoming news with you.

rhonna designs chalk background + instaquote2

rhonna from rhonna designs will be teaching an online instagram class in the very near future.
this class includes exclusive rhonna designs instafonts available only through the class...

jmpgirl ~ rhonna designs instafonts

like this quote from instaquotes2. plus the little icons from instabeauty.

jmpgirl ~ rhonna designs instafonts
this one includes fonts from instadays + instasmash.

jmpgirl ~ rhonna designs instafonts

i love to find ways to use the instaluck images.

jmpgirl ~ rhonna designs instafonts

and this is one of my recent favorites using the instaquotes2. 
all these images were created and edited with only my phone.
and i don't even have an iphone!!! imagine that.

i hope you are following me on instagram: jamiepate
if you are having fun with rhonna's other instafonts, please tag me and she me what you are up to.

i will be sure to let you know when this class is made available.
and hope to see you there...
now go...create something beautiful today.


  1. Great info post! I have been a terrible blogger and have been using IG as my means to spread the word these days. Need to do a post! Thanks for the reminder! Seriously, you wow me on how you make time to do so much. And create so much amazing goodness! Man, I am lazy!! Still dreaming of quitting my full time job but alas it's not in the cards. I have been trying to stay social media during the work day but as you can see it's hard now and then. LOL

    Hugs from Conroe!

  2. WOW!!! Sounds amazing.....your images are always so breathtaking JMP. LOVE. XOX

  3. I'm totally gonna get on this train.

  4. when I grow up I want to design just like you!!!