sugar chic meets project life


 Welcome to Project Life...
weeks 7 & 8

I am so happy to share these weeks today here with you.
These pages are showing off what can be done with the new Sugar Chic Paper Pack from Heidi Swapp.
Now let me just say...
I don't do paper packs...
for a few reasons...
usually there are too many of the same pattern to a pack.
And then all there is is the paper.

jmpgirl ~ sugar chic meets project life

What I absolutely love about the Sugar Chic Paper Pack is that there are only two of each pattern.
The first half of papers are beautifully glittered...yep. Glitter. Love.

jmpgirl ~ sugar chic meets project life

each pad contains an alpha sheet, embellishment pages, journal card pages! there are TONS of extras in each pad. the tons of extras really make this pack so very special.

So for more details on how I used these supplies plus other embellishments from Heidi Swapp be sure to go over to her blog and check it out.

But if you are new to ProjectLife,
then I would like to share a couple of things I do all the time with my project life layouts ::

jmpgirl ~ sugar chic meets project life

One thing that is consistent right now is to keep each week to a single page. It is just what works  with the busyness of my life. I still love creating memories in the traditional layout fashion, so I don't want to spend all my time on just project life.

Also, each weeks layout has a calendar of the month. There is always a tag about what week of the year that week represents. And a date is included on a journal tag as well.

jmpgirl ~ sugar chic meets project life

Another thing I do is keep my pages thematic by way of color.  And that is where Sugar Chic was so perfect for these weeks you see represented here. The pack is diverse enough to play up two different color stories which I love. Even though the two pages are different weeks, and different colors, they play each other up and I think that is very inviting.

jmpgirl ~ sugar chic meets project life

I am pretty big on using what I have. As I began this year's book I realized there was quite a big number of the 6x4 pocket pages unused in my stash of page protectors. This year's book will utilize this format.

jmpgirl ~ sugar chic meets project life

I can create what looks like 3x4 pockets as needed. Seen here is a journal card from the Sugar Chic Pack that has the corners rounded on one side. The right side photos is the same way. It is just one way to add variety even though all my pockets are 6x4.

jmpgirl ~ sugar chic meets project life

There are a lot more details at 
Now go, create pretty stuff with your ProjectLife today.


  1. Someday I'm going to come over and watch you in action.

  2. I adore your latest pages Jamie!
    Rock on!!