wreath class @ the emporium


It was a bit of a dream come true this past weekend to host a class with my friend Bonnie at the newly opened The Emporium shops in Castle Rock. We have been meeting and planning and designing for just about six months now.

We came up with a class idea a few months back and Bonnie went to work designing the actual project. She is very industrious, that one. Her talents run deep.

She runs a shop in this venue, and I should have taken some photos as her display is beautiful. It will just be an excuse for me to get back up there soon just to show that space off in it's own post.

Ten wonderful ladies attended our first event. We were thrilled! Bonnie worked so hard getting the word out in the area. Castle Rock is a quaint little town not far off the main highway here locally. But there is not much at all happening creatively in the area. We have big dreams for this old town. The Emporium is in a park and walk area filled with shops and galleries and eateries. It has so much potential.

So, my local friends, we are busy planning April's class and I do hope you will come find out what all the excitement is about.


  1. Looks like such a great time to spend with friends and create such beautiful things! Wish I could teleport over there and take one of the classes, lol! xoxo

  2. Amazing hon! Love to see dreams come true!