a non~mom gift


jmpgirl ~ a non mom gift

as you may or may not have read in my last post of yesterday...
my heart was struck recently upon reading this post by a 'non~mom' to her pastor.
and so i was compelled to create a gift for a friend of mine.

jmpgirl ~ a non mom gift

as i am always reaching for Heidi Swapp's Signature Series book from last year,
this project was inspired by one she showcased in that publication.

jmpgirl ~ a non mom gift

i adore the ever flexible value of the Memory Files.
as she shared in her book, i took on of these gems and cut it down to size a bit.
then i went to work to make it very interactive.

jmpgirl ~ a non mom gift

the Jumbo Tag here is actually a removeable card with a message inside...
as well as a message hidden underneath.
and do you see the 'fabulous' tag peaking out?
it too is a hidden message for the recipient.

jmpgirl ~ a non mom gift

a few of the details close up...

jmpgirl ~ a non mom gift

the right side of the open file also has some interactive and hidden virtues.
a glassine bag from my stash was used as a pocket to hold a tag that has a hand written message on the underside.

jmpgirl ~ a non mom gift

a slit pocket was created to be a larger space for a larger hidden message.
i printed the letter to the pastor and folded it in half...added a Memory File Label to the edge...
and stashed it inside the pocket as a secret space to share this very secret message.

i adore how the Memory Files are amazing canvases for so much creativity to come to life for your photos...
or a needed message to a special friend.

now go...
share your love with someone today.


  1. I find it so lovely how you always care for others. You are a special lady. And your project is so beautiful, too!

  2. WOW!!!!!! This is SO GORGEOUS!!!!!! Seriously those colours??? incredible!

  3. This is just such a sweet project- very beautiful!!

  4. um. wow. just - wow. J girl...this is beautiful...just beautiful...and I'm with LB...those colors!!!! I die...


  5. Gorgeous!!!! You are so inspiring, Jamie!