hidden coil binding ~ heidi swapp


this post was quickly thrown together this morning as inspired by today's my craft channel video with heidi swapp.

jmpgirl ~ hidden coil binding

have you seen heidi's video today?
well i first came upon this technique when she taught a small class in january.
not only is this simply a wonderful technique for a major project...
but the theme of this album caused me to pull it back out and get busy reminding myself of my dreams i wrote out at the beginning of the year.

jmpgirl ~ hidden coil binding

this album includes a fabulous clear page that holds the title of the book along with a whole lot of paper love. completely inspired by heidi's style.

jmpgirl ~ hidden coil binding

this is the back side of the previous page. and i am laughing...i never filled in the frame...what?
hmmm...guess i need to play with this album a little bit.

jmpgirl ~ hidden coil binding

this album is filled with pages and layers and hidden places that i have placed notes and quotes and sketches and dreams into. it is an invoking project that i really need to be opening up much more often to help me stay on track.

jmpgirl ~ hidden coil binding

i included some quotes from rhonna designs.
as well as pockets for hidden messages.
and even my own hand writing here and there.

jmpgirl ~ hidden coil binding

a vellum page includes my one little word for the year.
yep...it's time to check back in with that word.

jmpgirl ~ hidden coil binding

this page is a 9-pocket page protector. some pockets are filled with words and tags.
i need to go in and now include some of my accomplished dreams of the year so far.

jmpgirl ~ hidden coil binding

it's funny that i placed this little Sentiment Sticker inside here...
as this has been a subject I have been mulling over lately.

this is in no way the total contents of this book.
some pages are just too private to share.
but i do hope you found a little bit to inspire you towards playing with this technique that heidi shares with us today.

now go...
dream and create.


  1. What a lovely sentiment to end with...do dream and create. And what a simply gorgeous mini book filled with your creative dreams.

  2. Love this, Jamie! So much inspiration packed into this book! xo

  3. What a beautiful project! I love all the different sizes in it and the pretty colors! The video was interesting to watch , thanks for the link :)

  4. Beautiful and inspirational, as always Jamie!