memory file album adventure...


welcome to a mini series this week celebrating the Memory File Album Adventure...

jmpgirl~memory file adventure

if you have been following along the past seven weeks with Heidi Swapp and the Media Team then you have been part of a wonderful adventure.
if you have been following along then your Memory File Album is getting very, very wide.
if you have been following along then you have been experiencing a refreshing experience as you answer prompts about yourself and your creativeness.

jmpgirl~memory file adventure

this week Maggie takes us on her journey through week seven.
and then next week Heidi will wrap it up with one more 'class'.
so this week i want to share with you my adventure as this journey has come to mean so much to me.

jmpgirl~memory file adventure

i have already shared week one...
and week two...
so today i would love to share with you week three...
this was Kim's week to challenge us with "who inspires you?"
and mine started with my husband.
he has this saying..."i've got your back".
and it has come to mean the world to me to know that whatever the situation that he is on my side and will help and encourage me in whatever the circumstance demands.
this makes me a lucky girl.
it makes him my hero.
it makes us quite a team in my estimation.
it was so good to answer this prompt and to think through the question and put it down in photo and words the answer.

jmpgirl~memory file adventure

the second page was dedicated to a series of women who inspire me. everyday.
some of these women i am in daily contact with.
some i only met in the past few weeks face to face.
but they all have had a profound influence on my life through the creative process.
and i am in their debt for that.
in their debt and very thankful.
awesome? yes. awesome. to be inspired by such strong and amazing women and always have a standard of authenticity ahead of me to be challenged by everyday.
yes. awesome.

jmpgirl~memory file adventure

what women inspire you?
and have you taken the time to work through that creatively.
i tell is a powerful exercise.

jmpgirl~memory file adventure

this women here...
a life changer.
you have read posts in the past where i refer to the book 1000 Gifts.
Ann Voskamp is the author.
and i read her blogs very regularly.
and i am inspired by her. every. single. time.
not only inspired...
but challenged.
i had to dedicate a page to her because she saved me.
by way of her written word.

jmpgirl~memory file adventure

and then there is Brennan Manning.
i should of added a photo here of the stack of books of his i own.
i met him by way of his writings about 10 years ago.
he writes about grace and God in heaven in a way i had never before experienced.
he caused me to think deeper than i ever had before.

jmpgirl~memory file adventure
he passed away this past month.
i cried.
not because his pain is gone and he is in eternity with God the Father.
but because of the legacy of amazing he left behind and the impact he had on mine and many, many other peoples lives.
talk about living authentically...
this man showed me what that actually looks like.
forever grateful.

so as you can see, this Memory File Album Adventure has been quite a journey for me.
a beautiful journey.
and there is more besides these pages.
hope to see you again tomorrow.


  1. This book is just a treasure-- LOVE what you did!

  2. umm....HELLO!!!!! Sigh.....this is AMAZING!!!! I better get my butt moving! i LOVE YOU SO much my dear sweet amazing friend. You are such a treasure! XO

  3. seriously Jamie I have no words....

  4. I love what you did Jamie, I too love Ann Voskamp...She is awesome, we did a book study at church last summer and she still inspires me. Her blogs are fabulous, in fact she did one not too long ago that I printed and I'm putting in my journal... Thank you for you loving inspiration... It is exactly what I need in my life right now!! God Bless

  5. uhhh...mazing!! I just love everything about this! This has truly been an adventure. I can't wait to finish mine. thanks for always inspiring me. xo Dette