monday musings


so it's foggy and misty out side this morning.
it's like living in seattle again.
so it causes me to be in a contemplative mood.

besides that...i have been thinking about a post reflecting on the current.
a way to keep better track perhaps of these weeks that are truly flying by.

a sort of this and that kind of post.

not to mention i was inspired by annette haring's post here ...
her own musings.

to start...

location: i am sitting at my computer desk in my studio that is right next to the largest window in the house. although the view is a tad dreary, i love being near the light.

eating: have not eaten today as...well...a grocery run is desperately i will just eat later.
that said...there has been lots of cake in the house as we had two birthdays last week. sort of glad the cake is almost all gone.

drinking: lots and lots of water. we are at 7,000 feet here...sort of needful.

enjoying: sort of still enjoying the effects of a lovely sunday being home. working in the studio. playing with the kids. and a lazy morning sleeping in late and waking to coffee cake. (yep...more cake).

listening: currently my oldest daughters ipod playlist AND the other girl's audio book. yes. at the same time.

wishing: for time at the beach.

making: plans for my newest high schoolers first year. planning her classes. we home school and so this takes a bit of creativity. also starting to make a meal plan for the next month. yep. i am feeling the need to step up the home organization.

thinking: many thoughts. my oldest son just returned from a life changing trip. been thinking over his stories so far. i think i am amazed.

feeling: at peace. maybe it's the weather. maybe it's the week's schedule that is a bit slower paced for once. maybe it's a renewed heart on certain matters. maybe it's all the above.

loving: my new morning schedule. i have purposed to be up much before the household in order to work, and think, and enjoy the peace that comes from a restful nights sleep and an early morning in a quiet home. it's a sacrifice of sleep to be up early, but i really love what is being gained by this time.

hoping: to get back on track with project life. been thinking through, yet again, how to simplify yet keep it going. i love love this project. i hate hate when i get behind.

your thoughts on that are greatly appreciated.

have a wonderful day.

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