summer fun...


you know how a season can be very busy...
yet not? 

a contradiction in terms...
but it is what is happening here.

we have stayed busy this summer.
yet we have rested and stayed true to simple things...
like going to the pool.
or an evening bike ride.
the kids playing in the neighborhood till after the sun has gone down.

and now i feel as though the academic year is staring me straight in the face.
but it is actually o.k.
this summer has allowed for me to refresh and renew and organize and declutter.

i love the seasons of life for that very thing.

which is why i have not been blogging very often...
but it's not to say i have not been creative.

here is a sneak of a project for Heidi Swapp coming up soon...

i have stayed creative.
and even planning a few new things.

taking this class from the lovely janna ...

she is a sweet and creative soul and i have enjoyed watching her process.

so how about a little musing...

enjoying:: these amazing summer evenings. and the sounds of summer.

listening:: to silence. it is just me up. the house is quiet. one of my favorite times of the day.

wishing:: how i would love to attend this.

kim and heidi are so excited for this upcoming adventure. it is going to be an amazing time.

making:: monthly menus and pantry lists and even re organizing my wardrobe. told you i was in organizing mode.

thinking:: this is always a scary thoughts are in many places presently. mostly thinking about today and this week and how the kids and i will enjoy summer.

feeling:: tired, actually.

loving:: our family meals together. it's been great slow time together. thankful when we are all together, but even when we are not. it's all good.

hoping:: get back to project life! it's on my list. i have a goal. i am going to do it.

have a wonderful week. hope to be back soon with a new favorite layout and maybe even a journal. gasp...a journal? me???


  1. ok...YOU are amazing and i love how you are using the HS binder for this upcoming project! GENIOUS idea my love! XOXO

  2. I love the peek, it looks amazing!!

  3. This looks like another stunner! I'm so glad you're enjoying your summer :) xoxo

  4. Thankyou for the shout out, I appreciate it sweet friend!

  5. I so love reading your blog, J-girl. just the way you put everything together is so you...miss you...

  6. How did you take the class from Janna, isn't it all in Germany? Would love to know, looks very interesting. Thanks for all your wonderful inspiration. Love to look at all your creations.