core'dinations & heidi swapp


the team has been 'teaming' up with the core'dinations blog this week.
we are combining heidi's products with the some card stock options from core'dinations.

i chose to create a fairly simple desktop journal for my daughter.
and of course...the team went very pastel and soft and sweet...
i had a need to make a stronger statement with that olive green hue played against the black polka.
the soft came in a bit with the Mixed Company ombre pattern.

but then there is glitter...
the glitter from the Glitter BuzzWords really makes this little book so gorgeous.
my daughter has an obsession about glitter...
can't imagine where she gets obsessions from...
however she does...
so i HAD to oblige her.

i am a big fan of the distress of the card stock,
with the soft of the ombre,
and the pop of the glitter.
i may just have to keep this journal.

lots more details on heidi's blog today...
plus a chance to win a collection of Mixed Company...
i wish you luck.


  1. So much prettiness :) I'm totally loving the kelly green with the black polka dotted paper! Lovely project - as always!

  2. Love the color combo and how you embossed and distressed those polka dots! Gorgeous Jamie!